2018 Music Faculty

Tyler Mink

Tyler Mink, Fife

Tyler Mink has been playing fife since around 2000. He started on a plastic fife - which he taught himself how to play backwards - while he searched for a unit to join. One fateful day, he was accidentally called by members of the Patapsco Patriots Fife and Drum Corps of Ellicott City, MD, and joined their corps later that day. Sometime around 2003 or 2004, the Patapsco Patriots found their way into the Fort McHenry Guard and have been there ever since, serving as musical ambassadors for the National Park Service.

Tyler loves playing fife, even when he has to do it everyday at work, but particularly enjoys playing harmonies. He is versed in music of both the Civil War and the War of 1812, as well as material culture of the early half of the 19th century. Tyler also attended the National Civil War Field Music School as a student, then subsequently served as an instructor. He is very glad to see the prestigious school back again - this time in his own back yard!

Tyler began working for the National Park Service in 2009 and continues to work at Fort McHenry NM&HS today. He was also recently contracted by Harpers Ferry NHP to form a new Fife and Drum Corps within the National Park Service system - The Harpers Ferry Fife and Drum Corps.

On behalf of the Rangers at Fort McHenry, he would like to welcome the faculty, staff, and students to our historic fort and grounds for the National Civil War Field Music School.