2018 Music Faculty

Jari Villanueva

Jari Villanueva, Bugle

Jari Villanueva holds degrees from the Peabody Conservatory of Music of the Johns Hopkins University and Kent State University. Jari retired from the United States Air Force in 2008 after twenty-three years as a trumpeter, bugler, drum major and staff arranger with The United States Air Force Band. He led The USAF Band in ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery, the Pentagon and the White House and served as the Non-commissioned Officer In Charge (NCOIC) for the Arrival and Departure ceremonies for the State Funerals of former presidents Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford. He has also sounded Taps over 2,000 times at Arlington National Cemetery and other cemeteries. Considered the country’s foremost authority on US military bugle calls and the bugle call Taps, he was responsible for moving the bugle used at President John F. Kennedy’s funeral from the Smithsonian to Arlington, where it remains on display in the Visitor Center.

Jari is the author of Twenty-four Notes That Tap Deep Emotions: The Story of America’s Most Famous Bugle Call. He has published numerous articles on the history of US bugle calls and brass bands of the Civil War and is currently working on a book on the subject. Jari has been interviewed for newspapers, radio and TV programs across the country and was featured in a History Channel segment on the origin of Taps, a CBN segment on the 140th anniversary of the creation of the call and a radio essay for Boeing’s “Forever New Frontiers” Radio Essays Series. He was also a consultant to the designers of the American Heritage Field Trumpet, a bugle made by the Getzen Company. Many of Jari's articles and much additional information on Taps, bugles, and buglers throughout history can be found on his website at www.tapsbugler.com.

An active Civil War re-enactor, Jari sounds bugle calls for Co. D, 3rd US Regular Infantry and has served as Federal Principal Musician for major re-enactments including the 140th Antietam and 140th First Manassas. He is co-founder and director of The Federal City Brass Band and 26th North Carolina Regimental Band, which perform Civil War era music on original 19th century instruments, and is the Artistic Director of the National Association for Civil War Brass Music, Inc. In 2001 Jari served as assistant to the music supervisor for the movie Gods and Generals, sounded bugle calls for the soundtrack, and appeared as a bugler in several scenes. With the late Don Hubbard, Jari was a co-founder of the Eastern Field Music School (2002-03), and he frequently gives presentations and demonstrations on bugling and field music of the Civil War era.

Jari is a free-lance musician and accomplished arranger with many published selections to his credit (www.jvmusic.net). Many of his arrangements have also been recorded. His arrangement of Goin' Home was featured in the movie A Clear and Present Danger, and was heard world-wide during the State Funerals of former Presidents Reagan and Ford. Since 1998, Jari has been a member of the music faculty at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, where he has directed the Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble and Pep Band. In 2008 he was selected as the new director of the Wind Ensemble and Pep Band at Johns Hopkins University.

Jari currently works for the Maryland Military Department as Director of Veterans Affairs, Maryland National Guard Honor Guard, where he oversees the conduct of military honors for veterans' funerals and other ceremonial functions throughout the state. In October 2008 he was commissioned as a Major in the Maryland Defense Force, a uniformed military agency of volunteers under the Adjutant General of Maryland and the Maryland Military Department, and is the commander and conductor of the Maryland Defense Force Band, "Maryland's Musical Ambassadors." He lives in Catonsville, MD with his wife Heather and two cats.