About the School


TRAIN AS A CIVIL WAR FIELD MUSICIAN in a School modeled on the School of Practice, Governors Island, New York, circa 1861. Participants will your new skills at the closing ceremony and dress parade on Sunday afternoon, open to the public.

LIVE AS A CIVIL WAR SOLDIER from Reveille to Extinguish Lights. From 8:00 pm Friday until 3:00 pm Sunday, the schedule for all activities will be completely regulated by bugle, drum, and fife. Military volunteers provide a 24-hour guard.

Registration for the school includes hearty period meals and housing.

The National Civil War Field Music School endeavors to develop and promote quality field musicians, ages 11 and up, in the Civil War living history community, by providing engaging, professional instruction in a historical setting; an immersive, musical environment; the knowledge to educate the public about the critical role of martial music; and the nurturing of new and continual friendships that will last a lifetime.

The National Civil War Field Music School seeks to expand its name, reputation, and historical and musical research, creating additional interest across the nation and the world, as students aim to perfect the lessons they receive from renowned instructors and continue to promote the School’s efforts within their home-based units and local events, including exposing the general public to the important role field music played during the Civil War.

Here are a few comments from past attendees of the school:

"Interesting, talented, knowledgeable, and committed faculty." (Volunteer)

"The chance to talk to very experienced musicians." (Drum student)

"Playing with musicians that want to do period correct music and represent fife and drum in a historically accurate manner." (Instructor)

"First rate instruction, companionship, historical accuracy." (Bugle student)

"Thanks again for sharing your time and incredible talents with us this weekend. You know it was a success when we just did not want to leave." (Fife student)

"Instructors were very talented in not only performing but also teaching. Very good choice of teachers; worth the money and time spent." (Drum student)

"The caliber of the instructors is unmatched anywhere else... (the School) was well run.  Looking forward to next year!" (Infantry volunteer, parent of a fifer)