Greetings Buglers!

Greetings Fellow Buglers,

I am looking forward to our time together at the National Civil War Field Music School at Fort McHenry. I hope to provide you with useful instruction and insight into playing and understanding the concepts of the bugle calls used during the Civil War. Since I am an infantry bugler, we will be concentrating on the infantry calls.

Please be aware that the only acceptable instrument will be the Bb clairon (also known as the clairon d’ ordinance). Modern valved drum corps horns and M1892 “boy scout” bugles in the key of G are unacceptable for this event.

We will also review the role of the bugler and his position within the command structure of the infantry.

By the way, I'll make sure we have fun, too! Please look over the infantry bugle calls (from Casey's Infantry Tactics) and the Vass bugle marches. We’ll work on marches #1, #2, #3, the Quick Time and The American Flag.

Another great resource is George Rabbai’s “Infantry Bugle Calls of the Civil War” book and CD available through most music shops, Amazon and E-BAY. The CD is extremely helpful for proper phrasing and articulation of the calls.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

I Remain,

Doug Grunn
Principal Musician
Chief Bugler
Drum Major

Member of Bugles Across America since its inception.
“At the touch of his lips, the bugle spoke!”
The Silver Horn, H.C. Work