Music Resources

The resources on this page are provided to help you prepare for your participation in the National Civil War Field Music School.  They include rudiments, beats, calls, and tunes from a variety of sources.  Some are direct facsimile reprints of original manuals, and others are instructional materials that have been created or compiled by members of the music faculty.  Some sound files will be added to this page as well, and additional materials will be available at the school.

  • Primary Sources
  • The Army Drum and Fife Book
    "Containing Full Instructions, the Reveille, the Tattoo, the various Calls and Beats used in the Service, and a Choice Collection of Music.   To which is added the Bugler's Call Book, containing all the Infantry General Calls and Calls for Skirmishers, used in the U. S. Army." Edited by Keach, Burditt, and Cassidy. Published by Oliver Ditson and Co. Boston. 1861.
  • Howe's United States Regulation Drum and Fife Instructor
    "For the use of the Army and Navy, containing Full Rules and Exercises, the Duties of Musicians on all Occasions, and the full Camp Duty, Signals, Calls, &c.   Also the complete Bugle Calls for the Infantry, Artillery and Cavalry.  Also the Pay and Emoluments of Musicians, and of every Grade in the Army or Navy.  To which is added several popular National and Patriotic Songs as Quartettes."  By Elias Howe. Boston. 1861. Note: To obtain a wonderfully cleaned-up, new-looking copy of Howe's, please visit the page on Ed Boyle's website "
  • The Manual of Instruction for Drummers (Klinehanse)
    "On an Improved Plan. Containing the Rudiments of Drum-Beating; With Rules for Common, Quick, and Compound Time: Together with the Whole of Camp Duties, etc. Prepared under the Direction of the Adjutant General of the United States Army, Approved of by the Commander-in-Chief, and Adopted for the Use of the Army of the United States."
    By George D. Klinehanse.
    Washington, D.C.  1853.
  • Henke-Moore Manuscript
    A manuscript, compiled circa 1856-1859 at Fort Columbus (Governors Island) by School of Music instructors, Sergeants Charles Henke and Michael Moore. The manuscript was found in the archives of the US Army War College at Carlisle Barracks, PA.
  • Col. H. C. Hart's
    "New and Improved Instructor for the Drum" 1862
  • Army Regulations for Drum, Fife, and Bugle (Nevins)
    "Being A Complete Manual For These Instruments, giving All The Calls For Camp and Field Duty to which is added Suitable Music for Each Instrument." by William Nevins 1861
  • More Sources
  • Civil War Bugle Calls
    Downloadable audio files recorded by Jari Villanueva October 2014
  • Duty of Musicians
    A short description outlining "the duty of the Field Music"
  • A Bevy of Reveilles for Fife and Drum
    (Compiled by Joe Korber, teacher at the Don Hubbard Field Music School)
    A Bevy of Reveilles for fife and drum - a comparison of reveille sequences from various period sources
  • Rudiments
    The Standard 26 American Drum Rudiments as adopted by the National Association of Rudimental Drummers
  • Rudiments and Rudimental Drumming
    (Compiled by Bill Maling, teacher at the Eastern Field Music School) "This booklet focuses on rudiments and their uses in Ancient Style Rudimental Drumming......used the most in frequently played Civil War repertoire."