2014 School Staff

Les Salsbury

Les Salsbury, School Director

Les Salsbury's family came to the Americas in the 1600s. He is a descendant member of the Sons of the American Revolution, the General Society of the War of 1812, the First Families of Ohio, the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War and the Sons of the American Legion (1902-1945). Les has been a re-enactor for 15 years and has been involved with field music training ever since working with Don Hubbard at the first Eastern Field Music School.

Les portrays a U.S. Marine QM Sergeant and is part of the Philadelphia Navy Yard Marine Detachment. He is also principal musician for the U.S. Volunteers. Les is the Vice President of the Holcombe-Jimison Farmstead Museum and is on the camp council of Camp 104 SUVCW in Lambertville, New Jersey. He has had the pleasure of two daughters becoming fifers and participating in earlier field music schools. He is also on the museum crew of the USS Constellation, which his grandfather sailed on when it was a trainer for the U.S. Navy. Les is also a crew member of the SS John W. Brown, a Second World War liberty ship in Baltimore. He has logged over 1,500 miles at sea, including a cruise in 2000 to Toledo, Ohio via the St. Lawrence River and Great Lakes.

John Marriott, Jr.

John Marriott, Jr., Assistant School Director, Treasurer

Born in 1981 in Norfolk, Virginia, John Marriott, Jr. grew up here in Lambertville, New Jersey. He has since moved to Perkasie, Pennsylvania, where he lives with his wife and two children.

John started re-enacting recently in 2011 with the 50th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Co. E, for which he currently serves as their Quartermaster Sergeant.  John is also now the treasurer for the Lambertville Living History Association and will serve as Assistant Director for the 2014 National Civil War Field Music School.

Mike Chambers

Mike Chambers, Commandant

My father's family came to this country in 1801 and my mother was an immigrant.  The son of a World War II Marine, I, along with my three brothers, went to Parris Island.  I graduated Annapolis in 1966, but after 23 years of service, I retired.  All of my life I have loved history and eventually obtained two degrees in the field via night school.

In 1994, I started re-enacting and have served in a number of positions over the years.  I learned and taught drill and safety as a Private, Corporal, 1st Sergeant, and Sergeant Major.  Later I served as the Adjutant of the Regiment and am currently the Chief of Staff of the Brigade.

As Commandant of the Music School my function is twofold.  Throughout the year I support the School and the United States Volunteers' music program in any way that I can.  But during the School itself, my function is to set the mental attitude of the younger students, encouraging them to pay attention, respond to orders, and learn as much as they can.  Most of all I encourage them to ask questions of the instructors and practice at home to prepare themselves to support their parent organizations, by representing the soldiers who saved our nation from dismemberment and slavery.

Bob Wagner

Bob Wagner, Adjutant

Bob Wagner's love of military music began when he was in the 7th grade, learning to play trumpet.  Bob continued to play trumpet throughout high school and he studied Music Education at the University of Mississippi.

Bob began reenacting in 1979, portraying a member of the 71st Regiment of Foot (Frasers Highlanders).  Besides the American Revolution, Bob has reenacted various eras including the French and Indian War, War of 1812, and the Civil War.

Bob's Civil War reenacting career started in 1997.  He served on the Staff of the United States Volunteers for 16 years, serving in various capacities, Quartermaster, Engineer, and finally Adjutant General.

Joel Hummel

Joel Hummel, Sgt Maj, Chaplain

Joel Hummel has been involved in Civil War living history and reenacting for 26 years and, as a "Regular," he has a passion for highly polished brass and well-blackened leathers. As the Sergeant Major for the School, he will bring his experience as a Marine Sergeant, Marine Officer, Police Officer, and Youth Minister to the role.

Musically, Joel was selected for District, Regional, and All-State honors bands in high school, played the baritone, trombone, and tuba, and has dabbled in fife, drum, and bugle so he has some idea what goes on in the musical classrooms of the School.

Joel holds degrees in business, theology, and law from University of Maryland, Yale University, and Penn State University, respectively. He lives in York, Pennsylvania.

Marti Stevens

Marti Stevens, Foodways

Marti Stevens, born in Africa, cooked for schools of Language and Culture in Denmark, Switzerland and Germany, as well as field trips throughout the Middle East and France; her most recent experience was in Azerbaijan.  Marti studied open hearth cooking under Mercy Ingraham, and for ten years, she has cooked on the field for soldiers and, more recently, for USV staff.  She brings many of her life experiences in cooking around the world to the National Civil War Field Music School.